Interested in turning what comes out of the farm into something delicious and profitable? The metro area has many resources, from commercial kitchen space to training, jobs, and food business incubators.

Douglas County Health Department Food Safety & Compliance Information on requirements for:
• Food Permits
• Brick & Morter/Permanent Facilities
• Operating Mobile Units & Push Carts
• Temporary Vendor Events
• Farmers Markets • Cottage Food Vendor Resources
• Food Safety Regulations, Training, and Resources
• Bake Sale/Non-Profit Fundraising Events

Commercial Kitchens

No More Empty Pots (NMEP) in Omaha is a grassroots non-profit organization connecting individuals and groups to improve self-sufficiency, regional food security, and economic resilience of urban and rural communities through advocacy and action. NMEP strives to support communities in becoming self-sufficient and food secure through collaboration and adherence to our core values of education, stewardship, and sustainability. NMEP's café and rentable commercial kitchen offer food distribution, workforce training, entrepreneur pop-up space, and business incubator support. In addition, NMEP offers nutrition education, STEM activities, workshops, and community events.

Kitchen Council in Council Bluffs helps food startups start up. From finding affordable commercial kitchen space to navigating licensing and regulations, starting a food business is not for the faint of heart. At Kitchen Council, you can access a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, educational resources, a member community, events, mentorship, and more. 4D Commissary in Omaha is a shared kitchen and food truck commissary provider offering licensed commercial kitchen rentals designed to accommodate various needs.

4D Commissary
provides fully equipped, licensed, permitted shared and single-user kitchens, prep areas, and dry and cold storage. They also offer on-site storage, 24/7 access, and free Wi-Fi.